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Aci-Z Tablets

Aci-Z Tablets
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Aci-Z Tablets are used to treat Acidity and Ulcer in human beings. We are one of the strongest entities, engaged in the manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Aci-Z Tablets at industry leading prices. We provide these Aci-Z Tablets in 60- Tab packs.


Now a days, due to change in lifestyle, the problem of acidity become a regular one for many people. If this problem is not cured it may worsen the situation & may result into peptic ulcer, gall stone & cancer. Modern medicines give temporary relief from symptoms of acidity, but Aci-Z cures the root cause of acidity & arrests further damage caused by acidity.


Symptoms of acidity

  • Burning Sensation in stomach and in chest (Heartburn).

  • Gas formation, stornach cramps, bitter taste in mouth.

  • Nausea, vomiting, headache, fainting etc.

  • Feeling of heaviness, feeling of loss of strength etc.


Causes of acidity

  • Imbalanced food (viruddha anna) & irregular dietary habits.

  • Consumption of fried, spicy & Salty foods.

  • Excess or inadequate consumption of food or fasting.

  • Consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco products.

  • Consumption of some modern medicines (like pain killers, antibiotics etc.)

  • Hectic work schedules, mental stress, insomnia.


About Aci-Z tablets

Aci Z tablet is a unique combination of Ayurvedic ingredients, which gives 'Prompt & long lasting' relief from acidity, and at the same time it cures the root cause of acidity. Aci Z is also a very useful medicine on symptoms occurring from 'Pittavikar', as it eliminates pittavikar.


Following are the uses of ingredients of Aci-Z tablets :

  • Aci-Z neutralizes acids & at the same time, stops secretion of acids (pittastravan) in stomach, which gives 'Prompt & long lasting' Relief from acidity.

  • Aci-Z restores imbalance of Tridosha (i.e. Vata, kapha, & pitta) and improves functioning of digestive system, which cures the root cause of acidity.

  • Sustained use of Aci-z, corrects problem of excess secretion of acids, thus giving long term solution to problem of acidity.

  • Detoxifying ingredients of Aci-Z, detoxify, toxins generated due to indigestion.

  • Aci-Z is made from renowned 'Pittavikarnashak' ingredients, therefore it is very useful medicine to get relief from all symptoms of 'Pittavikar' like, Nausea, vomiting, headache, uneasiness, itching & rashes on skin (allergy type), burning sensation in the palm & soles Etc.

  • Aci-Z is a natural source of calcium, iron & vitamin 'C'.

  • Aci-Z has anti-oxidant & blood purifying properties.


Recommended Dose

  • Take 1 to 2 tablets, depending upon symptoms of acidity or pittavikar. Repeat the dose, if symptoms reappears, after some time.

  • Patients having regular problem of acidity (Hyperacidity) or pittavikar, should take 1 tablet in the morning (empty stomach) & 1 tablet before having food, in addition to dose recommended above

  • Importanat : Do not chew Aci-Z tablets, its to be swallowed.


Side effects

  • Aci-Z tablets are not known to have any side effects, if taken as per prescribed dosage.

  • Aci-Z tablets are safe for long term use.


Do's And don'ts : Identifying and avoiding causative factors (Diet related or lifestyle related) is essential in the treatment of hyperacidity or pittavikar.


Dietary changes that may be helpful

  • Avoid Fried, spicy, salty and non-vegetarian recipes.

  • Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.

  • Do not moke and avoid tobacco products.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks, chocolates, curd, tamarind etc..

  • Be regular about your timings of having food.

  • Eat freshly prepared and hot food.


Lifestyle changes that may be helpful

  • Never sleep or lay down after having food. Allow 2 to 3 hours. Between eating and bed time.

  • Avoid excess or inadequate food intake & avoid fasting.

  • Avoid hectic work schedules, try to regularize your lifestyle.

  • Avoid mental stress and sleepless nights (insomnia), consult your physician if these problems persists for long time.

  • Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.

  • Reduce your weight, if you are overweight. Use of varmas 'Oban' Tablets is recommended.


Ref : Brihat Nighantu Ratnakar, Bhavprasash Nighantu, & others.


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